Have come home for christmas..taken a few days to get back into the flow of a busy city again.

To pass the time I have been going out as much as i can, a few party’s and shopping trips. Cant believe ive been back nearly a week already. So pleased has a good night sleep every night ive been back, in bed before midnight, and awake by 8. I blame my insomnia on the lack of daylight, and my brain not knowing when to go to sleep.

I visited the Photographers gallery (mainly the shop) but had a passing look at the current Polaroid ex’. I visited the Lomo shop, was surprised to be greeted by an Icelander, distinct in her Icelandic sweater, and the Icelandic accent I treated myself to a Diana mini, i hope to spend allot less in film and processing with it taking 35mm instead of 120. i was happy to see it shoots square as well as rectangle half frames, many possibilities. decided against forking out an extra £40/45 for the flash, as can just as easily use fast film for now, until i can afford one.

Time seems to be going quickly, havent yet been to any ‘proper’ art shows, i hope to see the mexican ex’ at the British museum. sad to have missed the day of the dead event back in November.

Still on the hunt for my Vivitar SLR which im sure i had packed away to be sold/exchanged somewhere in my room. am annoyed as it was my first proper camera dad got me 10 years ago. i hope it turns up…..

I think somehow in london (or any big city i guess) although there is allot to do-nightlife, art galleries, shops, cinemas…its almost oo much, too much choice, so one is quite overwhelmed, not to mention the cost. within the first couple of days i had spent more than 2 weeks worth in Reykjavik. i guess i did buy a camera, and theres travel, and of course Xmas is a week away now.
i must say i do miss the variety of culture here, the food and different culture districts around and outside london. I see Iceland as this purest, isolated, Arian race of people, where the only ‘forrign’ face is a tourist of a Thai bride working in her asian supermarket.
 Just popping to my local town i notice how cut off Iceland is to other cultures and influences. which in a way maintains its pureness without any outside influence, but from other influences comes fusion, new creations, tolerance, learning and understanding.

I do miss being so close to the sea, and the beautiful architecture, easily being able to walk a few mins from where i am staying to the lighthouse or one of the bird watching areas. after coming back, I don’t think i could live long-term in Iceland or indeed abroad (or maybe i will if i find the right country). I think when the warmer weather comes i will move across the island and to the Faeroe islands on my slow decent to Edinburgh (which is where i think i shall end up). the reality of finding work and somewhere to base myself outside of the family home is a priority. I should no longer rely on having a house big enough to house me and my sister, im sure if it wasnt for the fact my parents allowing us always to come back, and living in london, that i would even be considering this as an option.
I should hope to see Greenland and Orkney and Shetland Islands.
i have sewn on more of the tea labels onto the canvas, it’s coming along, i think i might do a series of them, various sizes and different brand teas. i have tried asking Euroshopper for some of the tea flags in kind, as i thought it might be good advertising for their brand, but ive heard nothing from them. i will maybe try a different route.

I had planned to see Sigur ros backing orchestra tonight at Shoreditch church, but as i found out its £12 might give it a miss, as want to save my money for Brighton and the rest of my time here and beyond.


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