Ex voto

back into my reversed ‘daylight’ hours.

been looking up disfigured children/babies, satanic symbols, death rituals, exhumed bodies, more on lomography techniques….

ive also been looking up ‘ex voto’ offerings to spirits/divinities, when someone is ill or has had an accident. These come in many forms, they can be paintings or objects, made from a variety of materials. Wood, metal and Wax-which is moulded into limbs that are then offered as thanks to the gods.
ive brought back with me some moulds i brought to make dolls, they are to look like old people. i like the idea of using these as some kind of homage/interpretation of ‘sugar skulls’ for ‘dia die los muetos’ the day of the dead. I will decorate the coffin with them somehow, i have not decided if they should themselves be decorated.

im considering whether to make the coffin project more about rituals and cultures from around the world, or simply a post-mortem sculpture…not forgetting if it should be eaten and enjoyed (which will take on another level) or left to rot.
im unsure if it would indeed rot at all, if made from a high percentage of sugar. and if i decided t have it eaten, if its I who does it in a performance, or invite others to-but that will add health and safety issues. Well this is not important now, ive simply got to hope for a residency-i plan to go to the centre for icelandic art tomorrow to speak to someone about it.

Film- last exit to Brooklyn


book-the Satanic bible


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