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Synedoche, Reykjavik

acrylic on milk carton

as a side project ive decided to do a series of paintings of people in Movies-more B movies, horror, cult, trash films.
I painted ‘Divine’ in Pink Flamingo’s, i will most likely do a few more, as she was such a character and great imagery for what i want.

Painted my sketchbook the icelandic jumper design i painted inside a few weeks before.

after visiting a few galleries this week i stumbled across a funeral taking place inside a church, snapped this Herse parked outside. Slightly forgetful that i had on me my Diana, and wished i had used that as well/instead.
having said that, i popped into the fuji lab round the corner from where i live t get some 120 negs scanned and put on to disc. I wouldnt normally go to Hand Petersen but the 101 branch as shut down, and im too lazy to travel to there last remaining branch right outside of the city.
I had with me (we counted) 77 images, which he quoted me 33,000 isk…..which is £150 ish…….i know! i could buy my own, medium format scanner with that. this quote was for scanning the negs themselves and not enlarging them, and it would take 2-3 weeks!!! i couldn’t believe it! when i had been before quoted at Hans 55isk each scan, hence why i brought old negs TO Iceland.

diets not going so great, ating far too much fat and carbs, as not having any idea of how much money i have left in my account, i am living like a poor student. Im living off spelt crackers with butter and jam…..i convince myself that the spelt is god for me, so its ok, to pile it with jam and butter 😛
spent a chunk of food allowance on booze-i thought id treat myself as iv brought next to nothing since ive been out here. the Opals nearly dissolved, but on closer smelling inspection, it just reeks of acetone! as a non vodka drinker, im wondering if this is normal, or it will mellow out in the next few weeks. Either which way im going to drink it!

happy that sis and friend are coming in February not in March, although that does mess up my internship at the Photo museum somewhat, and chances of me getting time off work (if i ever find a job) to travel for the 1-2 weeks they are here, are slim.
would like to use the time to travel to Greenland as i have procrastinated about that since i arrived here 5 months ago! Travel plans-West fjords, the north and the east. Then in spring to go to Faroe’s.
Tried filling out tax rebate forms but i need p60/p45 and i dont think i have any, lt alone if i got them in the first place. i really need this money if i dont find work, for the c’dickens which was the most tax i could claim for. Also reminded i need to tell tax office about Clash money and pay them the right amount, or debtors prison for me!

watching- Synedoche, new york (most strange, confusing, depressing, funny, emotional film iv seen in a lonnnngggg time)
and freaks-short but sweet

lisitning- Nat king cole and Julia Nunes

with th fear of jinxing it, i seem t have broken out of my reversed sleeping pattern. for the last week, getting up early, even if it is at 4.


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