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Photographing Witches

Another portrait to go in my series fr trashy cult films. Although im happier working with disposable materials, i think i should start thinking about something a little more durable. and the acrylic will peel off the shiny Tetra pack.
I think i might do Vampira or  Screaming jay Hawkins, or Nick Cave next?

looking up some photographs to use in a an Ectoplasm series i wish to create, either located in basement, or currently think down buy Grotta, as a kind of Homage to the Ghost story Lady in Black i re-watched just before christmas.
in which i found these beautiful photographs studying movement and the way our eyes produced ‘movement’.

“The room where this strange machine was set up, either at the Station Physiologique or the Institut Marey, was plunged into semi-darkness. As the magnesium flash exploded, a camera set up in front of the glass would capture the smoke trails in “the capricious wanderings which they describe in the places where eddies form.” “An important question for aviation is to know how the currents of air behave against three neighbouring and parallel planes, inclined at a given angle.” One of Marey’s photographs allowed an effective answer to that question” -taken from

Listning-The Best fo the Birthday party


Reading- Spirit Photography

Eating-Noa Vanilla and chocolate ice cream


Death Plants

Rafflesia arnoldii

Rafflesia Arnoldii

Although technically a member of the plant kingdom, Rafflesia challenges traditional definitions of what a plant is because they lack chlorophyll and are therefore incapable of photosynthesis. And according to all accounts of those who have gotten close enough to tell they have an odor similar to a carcass in advanced decomposition. Get one for your home today!

Dracunculus vulgaris (Dragon or Voodoo Lily)

Dracunculus Vulgaris

The odor that bursts from the flower on the day it opens smells somewhat like rotting meat attracting flies as its chief pollinator, an attribute that needs consideration when you decide where to plant this flower. Fortunately the odor dissipates after the first day, allowing you to enjoy the exotic beauty of this unusual plant! The 10-12 inch flowers range in color from deep maroon to nearly black and last for 7-10 days. The lovely green foliage appears in March but the flowers wait until early May to make its appearance

Stinking Titan Arum (Corpse Flower)


A flower taller than a man, stinking strongly of putrefying roadkill and colored deep burgundy to actually mimic rotting flesh… sounds like something fun to witness, doesn’t it? But Indonesia’s titan arum—or “corpse flower” as known by locals—is a real, if rare, phenomenon, pollinated in the wild by carrion-seeking insects.


Birthday Party Stills



Death Rituals from around the World

Taken from

from China to Ghana, from Tibet to the highlands of Scotland and you’ll see that the celebration of life and the rituals of death, past and present, vary considerably. Below are some of our favourites.

Want a custom to reflect how you lived your life during your funeral? Make a note of it in your own Funeral Plan.

  • Every year 5000 Christmas wreaths are placed on the tombstones at Arlington Cemetery, as a reminder of the sacrifices American soldiers have made for their country.


Arlington Cemetary

  • In Northern Vietnam the deceased are buried in the land in which they lived. They will generally be laid to rest in the middle of a rice paddy. After two years, the deceased’s family will dig up the body, clean all of the bones, and then re-bury the body in the family garden.
  • The Austrian village of Hallstatt is located between a mountain and lake, so therefore has very limited burial space. To solve this problem they would allow for the remains of their dead to lie in the cemetery for 12 years only. When the time was up the bones would be exhumed and moved to a charnel, but the skull would be kept. It would be tastefully decorated with the name of the deceased, a cross and plants. It would then be displayed in a chapel. Although cremation has now been allowed in the village this custom still takes place. 

    Skulls in Australia

  • In parts of China, it’s believed that the more people that attend your funeral, the more luck will be bestowed upon your relatives. Therefore, to attract more ‘mourners’, strippers have fast become an integral part of an after tears party. Needless to say, men turn up to these functions by the truck load.
  • In Ghana, fantasy coffins are rapidly becoming the final resting place. These caskets are apparently designed to reflect the way the deceased lived his or her life. Thus, coffins are carved into everything from airplanes and motor cars to cigarettes and bottles of beer.
  • In the Scottish highlands the deceased would be buried with a small amount of salt and soil placed on their chest. The soil implied that the body decays and becomes one with the earth. The salt, however, represents the soul and like the soul does not decay and die.
  • Buddhists in Tibet believe that when a person dies the soul leaves the body so there really is no need to keep the empty vessel. Therefore, the body is given back to the land in the form of Tibetan sky ritual (or Excarnation). The procedure takes place on a large flat rock in a specific location. A monk and several rogyapas (body breakers) will dismember the body, grind down the bones and flesh and then feed it to vultures. This ritual may seem, to some, as a brutal way of treating your loved one but it really isn’t. In Buddhism, vultures are redeemed as  sacred animals because they do not kill and instead simply accept what comes their way – so the Tibetans believe that they are quite simply sustaining life. Moreover, because the terrain in Tibet is so hard, burials are almost impossible so it really is considered to be a practical way to dispose of the dead.
    Vultures in Tibet
  • In ancient Rome, when someone was on their death bed, the eldest male relative would lean in close, inhale and catch the last breath of the dying person.
  • According to the great Greek historian Herodotus, the Calatians ate their dead. It was thought to be the family’s sacred duty. Queen Artemisia apparently mixed the ashes of her lover with wine and drank it.
  • Even now certain African tribes grind the bones of their loved ones and mix them with food.
  • Other African tribes would fire spears and arrows into the air, to ward off evil spirits that may be hovering over their dead. Nowadays, the ritual of firing a rifle over the deceased mirrors this age old practice.
  • Some cultures would go a step further to demonstrate respect for their dead. People would mutilate themselves by cutting off fingers and toes.
  • Years ago in Japan, if a nobleman died, twenty to thirty slaves were made to commit Hari-Kiri (belly cutting) in respect for him. Moreover in Fiji, friends, wives and slaves of the deceased would be strangled in his honour.
  • In Hindu India, a widow was considered vulgar and useless without her husband, therefore she was expected to lie by his side and be cremated alive. This ritual, Sati, was believed to purify the widow and give her free passage to Heaven. Although Sati was abolished in 1829 there have been numerous cases since. Even as recent as 1981 an eighteen year old widow was a victim of the custom. Whether it was voluntary or she was forced to do it is still unknown.
  • Today, Hindus from all over the world will make their final pilgramage to die in the city of Banaras, on the Ganges river. It is believed that dying here will help break the cycle of death and re-birth, and will allow the soul to ascend to the world of the ancestors – Pitriloka. Over 80 funeral pyres lie along the Ganges, so that the dead may be cremated. Often times, people are unable to cremate their loved ones and will simply float the dead body down the river.
  • In many cultures men and women have been treated differently after they have passed away. The Ghonds buried their women but cremated their men. The Bongas buried their men with their faces to the North and their women to the South. The Cochieans buried their women but suspended their men from trees.
  • In the Jewish religion, mourners will take part in a grieving process known as sitting Shiva. Immediately after burial, friends and family of the deceased will go to the Shiva house where they will mourn for 7 days. Here, they sit as low to the floor as possible as a sign of their grief. All mirrors are covered so that they may concentrate on the reality of being a soul and ignore their own physicality. A candle representing the soul of the deceased will burn throughout the 7 days.
  • Who needs fertility drugs when you have a death shroud? In Madagascar, people dig up their dead relatives for a ceremony called famadihana. They parade the bones around the village and then bury the remains in a new shroud. The old shroud is given to childless newlyweds who place it on their bed

Synedoche, Reykjavik

acrylic on milk carton

as a side project ive decided to do a series of paintings of people in Movies-more B movies, horror, cult, trash films.
I painted ‘Divine’ in Pink Flamingo’s, i will most likely do a few more, as she was such a character and great imagery for what i want.

Painted my sketchbook the icelandic jumper design i painted inside a few weeks before.

after visiting a few galleries this week i stumbled across a funeral taking place inside a church, snapped this Herse parked outside. Slightly forgetful that i had on me my Diana, and wished i had used that as well/instead.
having said that, i popped into the fuji lab round the corner from where i live t get some 120 negs scanned and put on to disc. I wouldnt normally go to Hand Petersen but the 101 branch as shut down, and im too lazy to travel to there last remaining branch right outside of the city.
I had with me (we counted) 77 images, which he quoted me 33,000 isk…..which is £150 ish…….i know! i could buy my own, medium format scanner with that. this quote was for scanning the negs themselves and not enlarging them, and it would take 2-3 weeks!!! i couldn’t believe it! when i had been before quoted at Hans 55isk each scan, hence why i brought old negs TO Iceland.

diets not going so great, ating far too much fat and carbs, as not having any idea of how much money i have left in my account, i am living like a poor student. Im living off spelt crackers with butter and jam…..i convince myself that the spelt is god for me, so its ok, to pile it with jam and butter 😛
spent a chunk of food allowance on booze-i thought id treat myself as iv brought next to nothing since ive been out here. the Opals nearly dissolved, but on closer smelling inspection, it just reeks of acetone! as a non vodka drinker, im wondering if this is normal, or it will mellow out in the next few weeks. Either which way im going to drink it!

happy that sis and friend are coming in February not in March, although that does mess up my internship at the Photo museum somewhat, and chances of me getting time off work (if i ever find a job) to travel for the 1-2 weeks they are here, are slim.
would like to use the time to travel to Greenland as i have procrastinated about that since i arrived here 5 months ago! Travel plans-West fjords, the north and the east. Then in spring to go to Faroe’s.
Tried filling out tax rebate forms but i need p60/p45 and i dont think i have any, lt alone if i got them in the first place. i really need this money if i dont find work, for the c’dickens which was the most tax i could claim for. Also reminded i need to tell tax office about Clash money and pay them the right amount, or debtors prison for me!

watching- Synedoche, new york (most strange, confusing, depressing, funny, emotional film iv seen in a lonnnngggg time)
and freaks-short but sweet

lisitning- Nat king cole and Julia Nunes

with th fear of jinxing it, i seem t have broken out of my reversed sleeping pattern. for the last week, getting up early, even if it is at 4.


Black Narcissus and other beautiful films

Here are some more snaps from my camera phone:

films include:
Black Narcissus
The spirit of the Beehive
and The Cement Garden


Butchered at Birth

Butchered At Birth

Birth is always painful, Decaying in the womb trapped within this body
A bleeding human tomb gutted bitch lies dead emptied of the child
chewing on the cords its life line to this world afterbirth is flowing
The stench is overwhelming
My body, growing stronger, my pain turns to torture
Severing its bloodline
A butchered infant carcass
Meat from the unborn, the freshest kills
Chopped up children bathing in blood
Contoured and festering I rot in disgust
Re-generation of my body
Mother ripped apart
Smashing in her face
My knife cutting holes, fucking her remains
Esophogus carved out
Crushing cartilage
Bile oozing from punctures in your liver
Riping meat within
Chewing in intestine
Bladder spurting urine, sight of defecation now grow infection
The child ripped to shreads
Drinking its excretions
Zombification ejaculation over mutilation
On the Mothers body hacked into pieces
The sludges from my cock gives her life once again
Sewing the remains of the child deep within her
Reborn through evil
My torture known throughout Hell
Heed to his calling, the demons await my next kill
Carnage is my fetish
Body cavities scraped of guts
Brains seeping from cracks as my axe continues to hack

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