…Back (to black)

im back after a considerable amount of absence.

went on a little trip around the south of Iceland whilst my Sister and her Friend came to visit. I managed to take quite a lot of photos, but as the situation with money is more or less still little disposable, i try to keep developing to a minimum.

I havent been inspired for quite a while, but this weekend, and my imminent return to Internshiping, i have started to make again. I’ve started on my coffin jumper painting, but as always working with cheap paints limits you to using unmixed colours, so over the next week i will splash out and buy some new decent materials. i have also started to construct my turf house, from pvc tape and milk cartons. tho as of course i don’t think these things through, and i need a skeleton to built around, as its too heavy to hold a shape other than flat on the ground! i would like to build one so its big enuf to house 2 + people, maybe more? to grow grass onto which will take 2 weeks, if using cat grass.
this is all assuming i will do a residency, or at least stay here. i am starting to re look at my life here, as much as i enjoy it, i feel i still need to open my eyes and use the time wisely. i would like to get more into the nature aspect of ‘traveling’.
looking at a help exchange website has given me many more options-reindeer herding in Lapland, bee-keeping in finland, helping on farms by the sea in Irealnd…..i feel a bit trapped here, in such a small city, with no affordable option to see more of it. perhaps i will leave and come back to finish the rest of my exploration here.

i think seeing my sister, and talking with her, made me less scared to go home for a while, if only just to get some more money to go off again. i would like to buy some more photography equipment. pinhole camera, battery for my pola’ 100, film  and a camera that takes macro shots.
i got some scans back from Hans Petersen which were expensive for what was done. most of them were blurred and over exposed, due to bd choice of film speed. but its a learning curve, so im not too pissed off.

watching-Carnival series 1

listening – 30s music

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