fara heim

right, ive basically decided im going home.

as much as i have enjoyed myself here, i feel my time here has come to an end, as ive not been able to find any permanent paid work.
to be honest also, feel slightly stuck in small Reykjavik, as its so expensive to leave and hire a car.
i would have liked to explore the rest of the country, but perhaps another time.

i hope to travel elsewhere in Scandinavia with the money i have left.  If thats possible? Reindeer herding in Lapland, beekeeping in finalnd….maybe if i can find a cheaper way of going to the Faeroe islands, tho its sooo expensive!

i have a few art projects to finish before i depart-karen séance photography, painting, tea bag painting?
i also want to see out my internships.

i know i will miss it greatly and knowing me i will question why i left as soon as the ‘living with parents’ kicks in!

there are art projects i wish to start when at home, and reading there are lomo diana workshops in april which i have to do!

looking forward to going to a club in town and pub by the river + i miss england

well this isnt a great idea up in the wee hours when i should be sleeping in preparation for my day at the culture centre tomorrow!

listing to – pj harvey ‘perfect day elise’ and cab calloway ‘minnie the moocher’

watching series II carnivalle

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