Photo museam

i am in the midst of my internship at the Photography museum which i am throughly enjoying!

Today i spent time watching one of the staff making prints from old glass slides. It was very interesting to learn about the process and how technology and materials have improved.
I am mainly re stocking archive photos in a new updated format, but in such a creative enviroment, the ideas are flowing out of me.

i look forward to use new materials and some ideas i have made whilst here. i find the accessibility of materials such as film eg.polaroid and even 35mm is hard to buy. In the uk i would have no problem picking up cheap film to mess around with.
Also i have learnt how to convert my Polaroid cameras to take more accessable batteries and film so i will do that when im back. Although i think i might try the SX-70 if the photographers gallery still have some in stock-expired and expensive as it may be.
making a pinhole from my auto 100 land camera, seems challenging but a great idea. or even making pinhole from charity shop cameras.
cyanotype prints from lace collars, gloves and maybe blueprints of boats/houses etc.

i opened up my Diana mini to check the film was rotating as it should, as working with plastic cameras is always temperamental, as expected. It seems the roll has gone on longer much longer than before.
I hope to get on the Lomo workshop when im home-borrowing instant back and leaning about light leaks.

im enjoying my hair now its grown out into a bob, well not as defined as id like. I hope to obtain a nice 20/30s bob, with maybe some fingerwaves. Ive dyed out the green streak, and thinking about changing my ‘look, i want to try more vintage rather than overgrown punk kid. im 25 and need to grow up a bit, if i expect to be taken seriously.

im really enjoying http://www.flickr.com/photos/amaliachimera photo stream, it’s mainly using various Polaroid formats heavily expired to create a dreamy look, which is where i want to go.
i still need to get the séance project fin before i go, i have enlisted Karen as a model, but she’s going back to the uk for easter, and i have only 1 1/2 days before i leave when she comes back.

i have set up an etsy account as im thinking of selling some photographic prints. i hav yet to work out the price i will sell them at, and indeed process the back pile of footage i have shot out here-i am worried that alot of it wont turn out, as using 50 iso alot of the times without a flash.

i will also scan alot of the instant images also to just maybe put on Flickr. i like Instant gratification to see what ive taken, some rolls ive waited 3 months and counting to get processed, since being here after Xmas.

-listning to Interpol

-watching carnivalle last few eppisodes

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