Life imitating art

I have been continuing to work on my art in the last month i have been home.

After constructing my matchbox pinhole camera, i have managed to take a few pictures. I am taking the first roll as trial and error. Having read more about how the pinhole works, i expect making more cameras i will see how the size of the pinhole and different films will create different pictures.

http://matchboxpinhole.com/ is the website to show anyone interested how to make one.
Using larger matchboxes allows one to use medium format film.

I havent touched my ‘Elizabeth short autopsy’ painting for a week or so. I feel it looks too flat, and unsure whether to go with the graphic method and running a marker pen round the outside. Though i feel that would cartoonify it too much.

Continuing looking at Dumas’ work i found a painting of Man Rays famous photograph

I havent managed to convert my Polaroid land camera, or make any Cyanotypes.
Working in the gallery helps my creativity, but with lack of a working space, i seem to not do as much as id like.

Next week they are having an art workshop, so maybe i might actually make some prints!

Im excited as i have a job interview at the London Lomography store. I will be over the moon if i get it, as the discounts and many Icelandic bands come to play.

listening to Radio 4, i caught the interview with Artist Daphne Todd, who is currently shortlisted at this years BP Prize. She is a classic painter, but this painting interests me as its a painting of her dead mother. Her mother died at the age of 100, and had discussed the idea with her daughter a year before her death.

Last Portrait of Mother by Daphne Todd


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