my first attempt at Cyanotyping

These are the results of my first the Alt printing method Cyanotyping.

Altho’ fairly straightforward this basic method of making photographic prints, takes a few trial and errors to get right.

i used the Fotospeed kit that i brought from silverprint in Waterloo, which had the mix all made up as well as all the specialist equipment. Although my kit didn’t contain the acid free paper (as stated in the contents list) i managed to make a few prints that i would consider successful for a first go.

The amin problems i faced was the application. i had read and watched many ways in how to apply the liquid onto paper, i seemed to use quite a bit of the mixture when you apparently need very little.
i found the rods provided the easiest, as using brushes tended to be harder to coat the surface with an even amount.
Exposure times were quite hard to guess, the given time for a sunny day (which it was) is 8 mins. i found that different objects needed longer/shorter times. Also the wash after, was suggested that on 3 mins, i found that this was too much as a lot of the contrast was lost on some of the prints-i.e the tea bags, the string imprint got lost in the washing.

i didn’t used the Citric acid as instructed to fix the print’s, as these are tests and not finished pieces. as the kit cost £35 and i seemed to have used half the bottle on only a few prints i thought i try to keep much of the chemicals as i can. Next time i think i shall by the chemicals and mix up myself.


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