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Art for arts sake

Right been thinking about getting some of plan of action in place. I need to kick-start my art into action. i need to get some kind of full time job to fund a residency somewhere – options somewhere in Scandinavia, mexico, maybe new york, money dependent i could find somewhere in the u.k at the very least.

move to Scotland/spend some time up there, go see my sister

rent a studio/convert shed into a workspace

 get an exhibition under my belt

 do a course, polish some of my skills/learn new ones


Ted Bundy crime scene

Just scanned the 2 paintings i did a few months ago of my ongoing series of Ted Bundy’s crime scene photographs found on Francis farmers revenge website.

Mixed media on canvas, various measurements


Moth to a flame


what remains redux

after picking up another roll of medium format film shot in Iceland, i revisited the Sally Mann Exhibition, having been told there was more to see.

To my surprise, there we indeed 2 more rooms full of her photographs depicting the body farm series as well as her other controversial images of her children.

Fighting my way through a class full of kids on a school trip – i could see up close the depth and tragic images of the donated bodies in different states of decay. Having seen these images in the bookshop on my last visit, i was pleased to see these on a larger scale to view and research the skin detail of the corpses shown.
the subdued lighting of course created an eerie atmosphere to see this series.

i didn’t spend a lot of time looking at her family series as this does not particularly interested me, but was a stark contrast with the ‘what remains series’.

having said that i did fall in love with this image

“at warm springs”


What Reamins



I visited the Photographers gallery today to special catch the end of the sally Mann\’s exhibition The Family and the Land.

I was not familiar with MAnns work before hearing of the current exhibition in London. Reading up on Manns Photography realising what an unusual and interesting subject matter was used, i was excited to see these images outside of my computer screen.
Aware of the size of the main gallery space on the ground floor, this small exhibition set out a stark and beautiful introduction to me of Sally Manns work.

The small series consisted of a collection of extreme close ups of her children taken with antique cameras-using a wet plate process. The room itself dimply lit as to keep from damaging the delecate prints. I enjoyed seeing the photographs on such a large scale, so often i view photography through small scale jpegs constricted on my laptop screen. Although i was hoping to view some images from her Body farm series, i was intrigued by the imperfections and decay of the images on display. I guess that’s one of the obvious difference between commercial photography and that shown from a fine art prospective. The images of young infants with peeling and decaying edges (the wet plate process is i hear is a notoriously difficult media to conserve), conceptually worked well-youth and decay trapped inside the frame.

Upstairs i managed to watch a small part of Manns documentary following her as she works and lives next to said Body farm, at 80 mins long too long for me to sit all the way through.

Looking through the selected titles to correspond with the exhibition, i just feel in love with misty and dreamlike look that runs through all of her works. Too often i get bored looking through digital photography tweaked and manipulated beyond the original, that Mann’s work shows what technical skill and vision she has keeping old processes from dying out completely.

The exhibiton runs till the 19th of September which when the Photographers gallery moves to a new Location whilst current site is referbished.

Listning – Die so fluid

Reading- Lynch on Lynch

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