searching for Art Residencies

I have been searching for suitable art residences that i could do across the U.K and have discovered this little gem. its the Old Church House residency in Fife, Scotland.

Its a few hours away from my favourite city Edinburgh, and from the photos beautifully inspiring. Its free, open all year round and i could stay for up to 2 weeks.

Although they seem to be looking for artists that are producing humanitarian artwork i feel this would bring out the full potential of my work that i feel have been somewhat dampened from living in London. Spending time in Iceland, visiting a new country one sees things for the first time and can see through all the hum drum of what long time residents might miss. The specialism seems to be photography and some new media, which would allow me as a lomographer to bring a new aspect to what looks quite a traditional country setting from a very clean modern art space.

Overall, this seems to be the top ranking place in which i will apply to, although i will continue my search for places to make some new artwork.

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