Dead mans necklace

Had this idea whilst art art school, to make a necklace of dead ears. Whilst reading crime scene book written by a ex policeman.

‘It’s hard to imagine Mrs. Huddleston putting this scrapbook out on the grand piano with the framed family pictures, or leafing through it as a cherished souvenir of her late husband. More likely it was boxed in a closet after his death, an enduring embarrassment like a dead minister’s porn stash or an old soldier’s necklace of dried ears or a collection of Nazi paraphernalia.’ -Katherine Dunn  from Death scenes

i made a few testers from strips of plaster crape moulded over a friends ear, then dipped in liquid latex and painted to look like rotten flesh.
i plan to remake this, hopefully more skilled and using better materials, if i can afford it/learn how to incorporate a chain into the piece. Maybe i should take a silversmith course again or atleast gain some basic jewlerry making skills.

i think this may tie in with my Porcelain christening gown i plan to decorate with prints of victorian Post Mortem photographs of children. Also my chocolate coffin/cake baby. i have an idea to make this edible dead corpse, but as it decays i will have to pre plan how to exhibit this pre baking the cake.

http://www.marydonaldstudio.com – jewellery maker who uses latex in her work

http://blackdogonline.com/all-books/new-directions-in-jewellery-ii.html – really interesting sometimes quite dark jewellery pieces from various crafts people.

– http://juliadeville.com/

– http://www.klimt02.net/jewellers/index.php?item_id=659

– http://www.klimt02.net/jewellers/index.php?item_id=13287

– http://www.a-n.co.uk/interface/reviews/single/133822

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