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New years eve

after being the 3rd family member to catch this flu thing it was inevitable any new years plans i had made were null and void.

i instead have spent the day/evening applying to various residencies, work exchanges, competitions and the like.

Thanks to sister and her g/f, feel much more prepared to just go for it-don’t be too timid and talk myself out of doing things.

hoping i have enough money in bank accont applied 5 holga images to the Krappy Kamera compition as part of Soho gallery, NY.

Through Helpx i wrote to Norwegian strawberry farm, and canadian work exchanges for the spring of next year.
ive tried contacting various art museams/galleries on the Faroe Islands, to do a res/internship there, although how i get there seems more difficult than i had first thought.
I have yet to apply for any residencies as of yet, as i want to compose a thoroughly throughout application to give me the best chance at being accepted. I have found a few more-looking at American states to select where i think i would be most suited.
i hope i manage to find work next year to fund all of this, otherwise save the money i go over xmas until i travel.

here’s to 2011, being more proactive and optimistic about my artwork!


investment in myself

not sure what to invest my xmas money in

options are:

1. a full-time city lit course in a visual art/photography field.

2. flatbed scanner to scan medium format neg’s in.

3. put money in savings account if i was to be accepted for an art residency without a grant.

or put  the money towards a travel adventure somewhere for a while, camera in tow.



Photo etching Hiroshima/Nagasaki victim (details)

Print sample (grey print on black paper)

Final image (silver print on black paper)

Final image (black print on white paper)


Photo etching Victim

here are a few failed attempts at my prints from my 3 week photo etching course.

the Image chosen is of a Hiroshima/Nagasaki victim, etched onto copper and printed with intaglio ink. The image is reversed from the original, as i was interested in the forms of the scaring as an abstract. This will hopefully become a series looking at the body as a landscape.

the etching plate for whatever reason didn’t show enough grain/noise to produce a contrasted image as i would have liked. i was hoping for richer tones and much more depth. I suspect this was possibly happened into the acid bath or not adding enough noise to the acetate sheet.

next week i will try another image, white on black paper.

Black ink on White paper


Silver Ink on Black paper

Silver ink on Black paper (Aquatint)

Silver, Black and Red ink on White Paper




Hananuma Masakichi – the man who created his own twin


Hananuma Masakichi

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Hananuma Masakichi (まさきち はなぬま?) was a Japanese sculpture artist, born in 1832. Believing that he was dying from tuberculosis, Masakichi sculpted a life size statue of himself as a gift to the woman he loved, which was completed in 1885. The artist himself died 10 years later, in poverty aged 63. The statue was later purchased by Robert Ripley in 1934, and was housed in his California Odditorium until his death in 1949. After Ripley’s death, the masterpiece toured various Odditoriums until it was stored in the Los AngelesOdditorium where it was damaged in the 1994 Northridge Earthquake. The Masakichi statue today is almost unique in the world, as compared to the artist of whom it was based, it is nearly identical. Made of between 2000 and 5000 wooden strips (reports differ), it is connected only by dovetail joints, glue and wooden pegs. No joint is visible on the statue, and is lacquered to show every detail of Masakichi, including muscle, bone and vein. The artist also manufactured anatomically correct glass eyeballs for the statue. Finally, individual holes were drilled in the statue to represent the pores of the skin, and the corresponding hair inserted.

The statue is currently in the London Odditorium, located at 1 Piccadilly Circus.



Vania Zouravliov-my inspiration for Photo etching

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