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Darkroom set up

im very much looking forward to the weather getting warmer then i can start transforming my shed into a darkroom.

Having done a few photography workshops i feel i have a basic level of understanding to set up my own at home.
I need sister to clear out her university odds and sods to then buy the nessesities, e.g chemicals, work table, and an enlarger. I should really begin researching the costs of setting up a darkroom.

Fortunately the shed is fairly intact (as was brought for me whilst at 6th form college to use as a studio, but ended up as a storage room).
i expect due to digital, buying equipment second hand maybe fairly easy and inexpensive, even if i can get hold of an enlarger i can always do contact printing and pinhole photography.

i worry about light proofing, i could easily rig up some blackout curtains but blocking out the light from gaps in the actual sheds structure may prove more difficult.

i hope this will prove to be a better economic solution to renting a darkroom as well as onsite equipment that i can continue to practice my new found techniques.


liquid light workshop-results

watercolour paper

Water colour paper (test print)

unprimed Canvas fabric

unprimed canvas fabric

Watercolour paper

primed boxed mini canvas (test print)

primed boxed mini canvas

primed boxed mini canvas

primed boxed mini canvas


Stainless steel, kitchen fitting


Liquid light workshop ideas

Hiromi Tsuchida, Lunch Box. Reiko Watanabe (15 at the time) was doing fire prevention work under the Student Mobilization Order, at a place 500 meters from the hypocenter. Her lunch box was found by school authorities under a fallen mud wall. Its contents of boiled peas and rice, a rare feast at the time, were completely carbonized. Her body was not found

just remembered, i have a Liquid light workshop this saturday, and was thinking of continuing my Hiroshima/Nagasaki series.

I found this image of a melted lunchbox, textured like some of the burns imprinted on the victims bodies. I would like to experiment with painting the liquid light onto metal sheets then placing the DIY negatives to create a highly polished image of keloid skin. The conflicting textures of smooth cold metal, to burning, blistered and seared flesh to that of the transferred image.

ive also put some old expired b/w film into my holga to try and shoot as well as get processed before sat to use on other materials. Im bringing canvas, watercolour paper and any charity shop finds to paint onto. I will either finish the roll tomorrow and put it into West end cameras, or try out the snappy snaps (although more expensive, they are more conveniently located nearer to me, which gives me more time to shoot).


Black and White printing workshop

Thought it was Diane Arbusey???


Hiroshima Ink study

I liked the texture on this woman’s back, made by the blast of the 1945 attack. It’s as if she has positioned herself to get some ‘Tebori’, traditional Japanese tattooing technique. The events of this day she will have burned onto her for the rest of her life.

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