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Lunch in a Turf House

this is an artist who paints crime scenes. i was thinking of doing the same, at some point, as i started to whilst at uni from my Death scenes book. It also mentions a necklace of ears, i made that, but a terribly rushed an unfinished, piece i hope to recreate, using more permanent materials.

Found this book on burial rituals, fantastic for my project, but with no current ar i can use online it shall have to wait.

From my ongoing obsession with Nick Cave, and being annoyed i didnt go t watch the production of Faust, still showing at the city Theatre, in which Cave has written the soundtrack.
I have since rediscovered Lydia Lunch, an artist and singer/performer, who collaborated with Cave in his ‘Birthday Party’ years. She was also in one of my favourite films The Heart is Deceitful above all things, playing the social worker. I dont remember her in this film, so i plan to re watch, and i believe someone has uploaded the film onto youtube.
Currently listening to her ‘Queen of Siam’ album, has much more of a traditional music structure than i heard from her other stuff, lots of Jazz influence. Her voice is reminiscent of Kat Bjelland of Babes in Toyland/Katastrophy wife.

Im sleeping much more than i have been, but feel so shattered when i wake up, im not sure if it’s because i am over seeping, or im not ging into deep sleep. I just feel so tired.

Also Looking at Fluxus artist’s as i want to try to be more minimal in working, when working with the Tetra house, and Yoshitomo Nara an artist ive loved for many years, who until recently had an exhibition in the Reykjavík Art museum, and various locations in London. Another idea ive just had would to be some how re-create a turf house. unless one builds a shed and paints black, and grows grass on the roof, im not sure how DIY method one would use.


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