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Beardy Weirdy

I have been too busy to create anything this week, except another painting from the JonBenet series- unfinished, so here are some images i think are cool.


Images from Emily Valentine

Recycled sweaters from Artist Rachel Denny

Beards online


Taxidermied Ghosts

the above link, is a website i found whilst looking for inspiration.

its one of the most beautifully morbid collection of art ive seen in a long while. jewelry to be exact. Shame i had missed the exhibition, but seeing as it was in Australia, i wouldnt have been able to go anyway.

Not been sleeping as of late, so whilst pooterling around with art projects, managed to watch a few films. eventually watched BBC’s Wuthering heights programme shown just a few months ago. I enjoyed this immensely, as much as i find it difficult to watch an adaptation, then to read the book secondly, i will try to do so, as i know this is such a classic piece of literature.

Also watched a few ghost stories notably the Woman in black and the Signal man. theres something about a good english ghost story as Christmas draws near, that makes me miss home the more.

Tomorrow i have Grotta -the lighthouse out-of-town, and take some photos with my trusty Ensign Full-vue, the ‘Luminous flux’ exhibition that opened last week and the Icelandic film exhibition which i went to earlier in september but wanted to re watch some of the films. Also need to put in an application for the Kanniteller before i leave-which takes a week, so best do that this week.

next day-

i have just finished painting my newly re-fixed coffin. after braking the coffin, having just attached all the tea bags.

i think i will gild some hinges onto the box.

i went to Luminous flux exhibition, highly disappointing. not at all what i was expecting. im finding it difficult to be inspired directly from the Icelandic art here, i find nieve and without depth. but at the same point, i think this perhaps spur me onto to create, as i dont work well with competition.

the rain last nite washed the snow away, so i didnt go to the Lighthouse, although i did take a couple of snaps of the snow remained on the graveyard. i used 50 speed film without flash, so i shouldnt think the pictures will develop. i hope it snows again before i go.

i made curry and Skyr strawberry ice and now watching series 2 of six feet under.

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