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Back in London

I have been back in london for 3 weeks now, and have decided to pick up my blog again.

Due to lack of work, i have again been scowering the net for images and inspiration.

Recently i have been looking at crime scene photos as art work.
Continuing my Post mortem series, i have begun painting Elizabeth Short AKA the Black Dahlia. Following my research i have not come up with anything specificialy to my paintings, but i have come across Lucie Novo Flickr stream.  A Brazillian Artist, who I really enjoy. Her skill and humour in her paintings, alongside dark/tabboo images make a useful influence to follow for me.

Having brought some of the 1st flush Silver Polaroid from the The Impossible Project, a few weeks ago from the photographers gallery, i dont know what to do with it.
As sisters home tomorow i might have ago at the seance/ectoplasm images i have been wanting to do for a while.
I managed to make a matchbox pinhole camera over the weekend for World pinhole day. I was hoping to take it and myself out to north london to get some shots, but having a bad stomach upset, i will have to pospone.

i have been thinking i want to go somewhere and looking up places to go and found some placements to work alongside an artist. Placements are in Dublin/gallway, Eire or Brussels, Belgium or romania (thats more or a casual thing-non art based) or a couple in the U.K.
Found out the Lomography store in london are looking for people, which would be amazing! of course that would but a dampner on the going away bit.

Listening to-explosions in the sky-friday night lights


Serial Thriller

im in the middle of watching ‘house of 1000 corpses’ im streaming through stagevu-i have wanted to watch it for ever, and overjoyed i found it.

i have googled many things today-since watching the film, various serial killers as mentioned in the film such as Albert Fish. i would like to maybe paint a few, or look into art based on this subject. i have also discovered an art movement from serial killers who make art in prison. maybe i could look into this further.

found this lady who knits serial killers (female)

Wikipedia says on Serial killer art-
Serial killer art is defined as artwork created by serial killers while in prison. Often, this process is used as a therapy device, or for further understanding a particularly disturbed psyche, while in other instances it is purely a method of time spanning entertainment for imprisoned individuals. The artists usually vary dramatically in skill and themes covered.

John Wayne Gacy, Richard Ramirez, and Henry Lee Lucas are a few of the better known American serial killer artists. Perry Smith, the mass murderer known from Truman Capote‘s famous nonfiction work In Cold Blood, was also a prolific artist.

anyway the film visuals are great, im enjoying the xpro style bright colours and split screen…very b movie-esque come teen horror. i love how creepy the main character is black guy painted up to look like some kind of uncle sam circus clown, with a strong black american voice.
i also googled deformed babies, and started to plan a painting series, as well as more pathology/crime scene/autopsy pics looking at Dumas of course.

ive reached halfway with my tea canvas and unsure wether to complete the space, sewing more flags to overspill the canvas or stop with the flags nicely staying within the frame. for this i am referencing Fluxus art-dieter roth mainly, as he married an Icelander and lived and worked here when alive.

listening to-new post rock bands that i youtubed today

watching-house of 1000 corpses

eating-sweet potato with bean korma

slightly less than 1 week till im back……………….good or bad decision i wonder?

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