New year, new decade.   

ive been back in Iceland nearly a week, happy to be back, as realised how expensive london is.   

I feel much moe creative here, maybe its the cold weather, and lack of things do here other than drinking, or that theres no competitive pressure like there is in bigger cities.
Whilst in  the uk, managed to visit the newly opened Lomo store, and brought my Diana mini-which should save me on developing 120 film, even tho i have at least 6 rolls left in the fridge! brought some exposed 35mm to get processed and scanned here, as i found it to be cheaper.
Spent a day with a friend visiting the Eva Hesse Ex’ at the Camden Arts Centre, which i often forget abut, as it’s in Finchley road (somewhere that I don’t visit).
Felt extremely inspired, and have decided to follow my sis advice and apply for a residency. Although the dead line is march/april-i hope to put my name down for cancellations, or stay here in the flat until i get a place (assuming Karl hasnt rented room out to anyone else).   

here are some camera snaps of sketchbook in development….   

drawing from plastic vampire fangs- (Ink)


Nosferatu from video still- (ink)


Close up of 'Goth-icky' image- (Acrylic)


Tiger stripes- (felt tip pen)


NOT MY IMAGE cut from dazed and confused magazine


Coffin- (Acrylic, tea bags, pen, glue)


Queen Adreena 'taxidermy' album cover- (acrylic and pen)




after watching Noel fielding on a repeat of Buzzcocks in his Icelandic jumper-decided to do a painting of a new design, when i came across a googled image, i tought why not incorporate some coffins. here is my first sketch, might make into a proper painting. or if i infact learn how to knit…..

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